How to Stop Turning to Food For Comfort
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How to Stop Turning to Food For Comfort


~ Are you carrying resentment towards others?

~ Do you feel SAD and/or GUILTY that you're carrying this resentment?

~ Do you turn to FOOD to make yourself feel better?

~ Do you feel UNSUPPORTED in how to stop turning to food for comfort?

If you answered 'Yes' to one or more of those questions, you're in the right place.

During this 1-Hour Transformational Workshop for Women and Teens (and a few brave men), I'll share...

✔ The link between your painful childhood experiences and your need to turn to food to make yourself feel better.

✔ The #1 reason you continue to turn to food for comfort, no matter how GUILTY you feel afterward.

✔ How to release your guilt and shame with LOVE and compassion.

✔ Why choosing FORGIVENESS frees you to stop turning to food for comfort.

The biggest reason your New Year Resolutions to get healthy don't work is because you self sabotage with your subconscious thoughts. I'll share some much needed insight as to the link between your THOUGHTS and your ACTIONS and how you can FINALLY stop turning to food for comfort.

Please share with family and friends!  

No registration is required. Just show up ready to learn about the POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS ❤

Water and light snacks will be available.


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Why You Suck at New Years Weight Loss Resolutions - Make This Year Different!
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Why You Suck at New Years Weight Loss Resolutions - Make This Year Different!

Maybe you lacked motivation to take the first step. Maybe you decided to “start tomorrow.” 

Maybe you FEARED failing. Maybe you feared the work it would take. 

Maybe you were overwhelmed by what you were “told” to do by well-meaning friends or internet searches. Or by complicated diet plans and meal plans. 

Maybe, just maybe, you started but lost sight of your vision. Then “life” got in the way and it was no longer important. 

Maybe you didn’t have the knowledge to effectively be successful (80% of weight loss is OUTSIDE the gym, and the devil is certainly in the details). 

Maybe you chose the “easy route” of processed foods and chalky shakes and you realized you had regained the weight when you stopped the fake food.

We will discuss what it takes to make permanent change as it pertains to weight loss, and how to lose quickly, safely, and permanently.

FREE + Complimentary Co-op Breakfast!

RSVP to 701-214-6818 to reserve your spot!

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